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About Me

About Me


Sam is a professional photographer. She graduated from one of the best photography programs in Montreal. Her unique way of using light led her to win several national and international awards in photography. She has an eye for detail and eternalizes fleeting moments with her lens. She enjoys documenting actions and shooting across a wide range of genres. She loves to meet new people, to capture the beauty and innocence of new life, and to share her passion for photography with others.

"I have an amazing supportive husband who is the joy and inspiration of my life and my business. I am a lover of family, art, photography and animals. My passion for photography evolved with my own self-awareness . I started photography in September 2009 when I bought my first camera (Canon 500D) and it has been such a wonderful journey ever since. I strive to capture moments that will help you remember those happy, special, beautiful, and precious moments in your life." --Sam


Excellent Award of photography of Nikon, 2017.

Applied Art Magazine 2017.

Monochrome Photography Awards, Nude Category, 2017.

Monochrome Photography Awards Fine Art Category 2017.

MIFA Moscow International FotoAwards in Dance Project, 2018.

SPIDER AWARD Fine Art Professional Category, 2018.

SPIDER AWARD Nude Professional Category, 2018. 

SPIDER AWARD Fashion Professional Category, 2019.